My Mister

My Liberation Notes

People who dislike it really don’t like it, but those who do call it the drama of their lifetimeㅇㅇ The difference in opinion is truly stark.

Both were written by writer Park Haeyoung

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1. I truly disliked MLN. It was just so boring and the dialogues also sounded artificial. I couldn't get into it at all

2. I hated both. I didn't know that they were from the same writer

3. I liked both of them so much. Both of them made me think about life for a long time

4. I disliked both with a passion

5. My Mister was my lifetime drama but MLN was not it

6. I really liked Another Oh Haeyoung, and I haven't watched My Mister, but I really enjoyed MLN. I think it's a seriously good drama, though I understand why some people might not like it. The overall tone of the drama is calm and dark, so I’m not eager to watch it again. But I loved the subtle and light touch of emotion within that calm and darkness

7. I loved them because they weren't just depressing, there was healing within them. I actually think writer Park Haeyoung shines the most in dramas like My Mister and MLN, although Another Oh Haeyoung is easier for a general public to watch. Her unique style definitely splits opinions, but I think she's a talented writer

8. I didn't like them

9. I didn't watch any of them. I hate depressing dramas

10. I like the vibe but the plot is.... something about it doesn't fit with me so I couldn't watch it until the end. However, I liked Another Oh Haeyoungㅠㅠ

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