Former T-ara member Ahreum has been indicted on the suspicion of fraud.

According to reports, the Gwangmyeong Police Station in Gyeonggi Province announced that Ahreum has been indicted on charges of fraud and is currently under investigation. A police official stated, "Ahreum's statement has been taken, and we plan to proceed with further investigation."

This past April, a group of alleged victims of Ahreum's fraud filed a complaint with the Ulsan Dongbu Police Station. In the complaint, the alleged victims stated Ahreum did not repay money they loaned her by the agreed upon date. One alleged victim Hwang stated Ahreum had borrowed approximately 30 million won ($21,827.23 USD) over 20 transactions from March 3 to March 9, 2024.

Hwang stated, "The principal amount borrowed was 27.5 million won, and there was a long-term credit card loan involved in lending them money. Since I used small mobile payment cash advances, there were fees. They needed to send the 30 million won promptly to prevent the amount of interest from increasing."

The alleged victim further claimed Ahreum deliberately approached her emphasizing the exposure of her profession to the public. What's especially shocking is Hwang is known to have been a fan of T-ara since 2009.

As previously reported, Ahreum and her ex-boyfriend faced allegations of fraud earlier this year. Ahreum is also facing child abuse accusations, which she personally denied.   

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1. If she was only active for a year and then left, it's a stretch to even call her a member of T-ara; she's more like an ex-member.

2. Ahreum is a real onionㅋㅋ She announced her divorce from her ex-husband and remarriage at the same time, reported her ex-husband for child abuse, but it turned out the kids were suspected to have been threatened by Ahreum, leading to her being charged with child abuse (while the ex-husband was found not guilty). She announced she was pregnant with her new husband but then split up with him, and it turns out he was involved in scams too.

3. When she appeared on 'Between Marriage and Divorce,' she seemed really off, constantly annoyed, irresponsible, and irritable about everything, which made her seem like someone I want to avoid. Turns out, I was right.

4. When T-ara debuted, no one could have predicted her life would spiral down like this

5. I feel bad for T-ara

6. Wow, she even appeared in the preliminaries of 'Sing Again.'

7. Why live your life like this?...

8. I remember her saying something about receiving spiritual enlightenment or something.

9. The new guy she was dating always seemed like a scammerㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. The verdict for the new guy shows he threatened three of his previous girlfriends with recorded conversations and 1-won transfers, and he ended up going to jail for it;;

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