A current idol group member reported to the police that they had been as***lted by the head of their agency, and the police launched an investigation. 

Gangnam Police Station in Seoul was dispatched around 4:30 a.m. on the 11th after receiving a report that “the agency representative was as***lting the members.” 

 The police are investigating the agency representative on suspicion of going to the idol group's dormitory and as***lting the members with a blunt object about 90 cm long. 

 It is reported that the agency representative ass**lted the members, saying, “Why are you using the dormitory so dirtily?” Among the members who were as***lted were minors. It was reported that the representative was drunk at the time of the as***lt.

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1. Where's this now?

2. Where again...ㅠㅠ Ha.. Seriously why are there so many thugs out there?

3. What the? Another trash? Crazy

4. Is he insane???

5. Crazy, who is this 

6. If we talk about 90cm long, it's probably these

7. This generation is really going crazy

8. Who is this ㅡㅡ

9. Is he a crazy f*cker???????? Give us the name 

10. A 90cm blunt object f*ck 

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