FIFTY FIFTY will be returning this fall as a new five-member group including original member Keena.

Last year, the four original members of FIFTY FIFTY filed to suspend their exclusive contracts with their agency ATTRAKT, but their request was denied by the Seoul Central District Court. Although all four members initially appealed the decision, Keena later chose to cancel her appeal and returned to ATTRAKT in October. Shortly afterwards, ATTRAKT terminated its exclusive contracts with the other three members of the group.

On June 14, ATTRAKT announced that FIFTY FIFTY had been reorganized as a five-member group including Keena and was preparing to make a comeback in September.
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1. I hope they get a good songㅠㅠ

2. Keena-yah, I've been waiting

3. Fighting, let's hit daebak brightly

4. I hope that they pick a good song and make a successful comebackㅠㅠㅠ

5. Please record all the previous songs again as side tracks 🤭

6. I'm not sure about their voice colors but I really liked the melody of their songs. I wish that they could re-record everything

7. 5 members is perfect!!

8. Looking forward to a good song!

9. Keena, fighting~ Looking forward to Fifty 2~ I hope they took care of the song and picked a good one~~

10. It's a relief that everything is confirmed. Summer has the Olympics so early September is better

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