Tweet: TripleS' Automonous HAUS
Whenever they're not promoting, during that time, they can live autonomously/freely outside the dorm
The first autonomous members: Jung HyeRin, Lee JiWoo, Kim YooYeon, Park SoHyun

Xinyu: This is a breaking news
- This is really real breaking news
- During inactive periods, there will be autonomy in HAUS (dorms)!
- Huh? What does this mean?

SoHyun: WAV might be a little surprised about this news
- It wasn't easy to go through ASSEMBLE24 era with the 24 members while using 3-4 HAUS
- Although I'm really happy and enjoy being with all 24 members together
- There are some logistical/practical difficulties in real life
- So during inactive periods, we are allowed to live wherever we want

DaHyun: That's right
- Of course we'll all be together in HAUS during promotions
- But during inactive periods, MODHAUS has decided to do this for us to live more comfortably
- I'm sure there are people here who would like to live outside HAUS for a bit right?

JiWoo: Yes, first of all, me, HyeRin, YooYeon and SoHyun will live apart from HAUS
- But because there are way more promotions than anticipated
- We will still be visiting HAUS a lot 
- I think there will be more members who will be autonomous in the future
- So we will keep sharing these episodes with WAV~

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1. No but are the fans gonna be able to live with 24 other people themselves through a whole year? This is so understandable 

2. Don't the fans enjoy those HAUS episodes the most ㅠ It's a shame that they will remove those 

3. Wow imagine living with 6 other people in a dorm, it must be so hard... Even with a 50 pyeong-wide dorm with 2 washrooms, it feels like a hassle 

4. They should've just went with it without this official announcement 

5. I can understand because they're 24... 

6. What's the issue here?

7. Why aren't fans happy about it?

8. How can you even fit 24 members in only 3-4 dorms... 

9. This is way better though 

10. I feel like it's better to reveal it publicly like that rather than have weird rumors surfacing if they don't reveal it 

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