After graduating from Sungkyunkwan University's Media department as a senior, she went on to earn a master's degree at KAIST. They said that when she received a full scholarship in her bachelor's degree, she gave it to another student every time.

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1. Wow she's seriously living such a hart working life... Impressiveㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. Oh she's honestly impressive

3. She's so cool

4. Wow I didn't know about the talks surrounding her scholarship. She's freaking cool

5. Hul... was she in school until last year..? It's amazing that she's still studying at that age. She must be very smart

6. Wowㅜ she's amazing

7. Goo Hyesun seems to be the type of person where nothing will stop her from doing the things she want. Fascinating...

8. Wow she's seriously impressive. It's really cool how she's always working on something

9. Wow daebak jjang... as expected, while people are busy hating on her in the corner of their room, a hard working person would just quietly working on their own things... so cool

10. No but this is honestly surprising... she really is good at everything...

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