Oh Nami: I don't know men = I don't know mens' psychology
- My last relationship was 7 years ago 

Oh Nami shared that she hasn't dated a man for 7 years and that she doesn't know men well and she believes that her "dating cells" have died

Oh Nami who doesn't know men at 31 y'o 
8 people (abnormal) VS 3 people (normal) 

Aside from China and Japan, the other countries all voted for "abnormal"

Guillaume (Canada): That's the usual age that Koreans would get married at so I don't think it's normal to not be dating at that age right now. It's abnormal to not even be dating at the age of marriage

Takuya (Japan): I feel like it's possible because you haven't found the perfect match for you. It just means that you haven't found the person that suits you

Julian (Belgium): I feel like your expectations become too high because you work in the entertainment industry

James (UK): If I were to compare this with the UK, if you're not dating anyone at 31, and it's been 7 years you haven't date, this is something no one can fathom of

Alberto (Italy): Even in Italy, this is something that cannot happen Actually in Italy, the issue isn't about meeting a man, it's more about whether you know your own charms

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1. Why should I date? It's so tiring 

2. Why do people care?

3. Why must we?

4. That's why we're Asians 

5. I feel like you look even dumber dating because it feels like you can't do anything on your own and you look like a fool...

6. That's the culture gap 

7. It's true that if you're an adult and you haven't dated in 7 years, it's kinda odd

8. Why should I date

9. You should just stop treating people as "motae solos"

10. Just look at the Hot category and you'll understand why it's normal we don't date

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