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1. The instant turn off... I feel like rather than having promotional factor, this will actually ruin his image

2. This sure will help him go viral 

3. Hul what am I looking at 

4. It's my first time learning about the existence of a website like this... This is so barbaric tsk 

5. This isn't in touch with Korea at all, why is he doing this... I hate this so much, his likable impression is totally ruined.. 

6. Not my cup of tea

7. Look at his armpit hair f*ck he looks like he stinks 

8. Ah seriously I hate this, what is this 

9. Why is he doing this... He crossed the line...

10. This isn't quirky at all 

11. What is this? My eyes!

12. F*cking turn off 

13. He sure is an American γ…‹γ…‹

14. Is he trying to promote on Onlyfans..?

15. What the? Even CardiB doesn't do Onlyfans why is he like that.. 

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