Yesterday, she revealed her collab with Beats
"Future was written"
Jennie's rap was featured 
and a longer version of the commercial was also released
"Taken for granted, taken as hostage

Carried the baggage, carried the past us

As luck would have it, future was written

They didn't plan for women to woman up

They didn't plan it but we came out of history like fuck it

They didn't want it but we came out of history like justice"

It also seems to be interpreted by many as a diss on all those who don't want women to succeed and stand in their way? 

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1. The video at around 3 secondsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it was jjang cute, it's like she has Shin-chan's cheeks

2. I like how her message is about successful women

3. F*cking good, it was seriously satisfying

4. So cool

5. Jennie is seriously good at rapping. Her tone is freaking good and the lyrics are so progressive, crazy

6. But aren't female artists already successful?? Is there any part of BP history that I'm not aware of??
> It's not about BP but women in general

7. This is so good!!!!!

8. Cool

9. Seriously, I hope that there are more talks about successful women

10. Her rap tone is seriously good

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