The actor spoke a bit about 'Signal 2,' which is finally in production.

“I'm waiting for ‘Signal 2’ and ‘Taxi  Driver3,’ so I think I'll have to keep working without a break for the time being,” he said in an interview.

“At some point, I'm thinking, ‘Should I take a break,’ but when I come across a good project, it seems like the project comes first. In the end, I do it because I want to do it,” he emphasized, adding, “Especially ‘Signal 2,’ when I looked at the script, all I could say was 'crazy.

The tvN drama 'Signal' aired in 2016, and viewers have long been hoping for a second season, and the recent news that the production has been officially confirmed has raised expectations.

When asked, “Is the script out yet,” Lee said, “Not all of it, just the first part. I can't say more because it's still being prepared, but the script is crazy. I was like, 'How can you write like this? I think it's going to be more than you can imagine,” he concluded.

"You might think that the script might be disappointing because the expectations are so high. You might think, 'It's coming out after 10 years, shouldn't we lay it aside? I don't think it's 'Kim Eunhee did a Kim Eunhee' but 'Kim Eunhee did more than Kim Eunhee' or 'Kim Eunhee did above Kim Eunhee'. The writer is amazing,” he said over and over again.

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1. Wow finally

2. Crazyㅠㅠ but I hope they stick to the original castㅠ.ㅠ

3. Please have the three actors as isㅠㅠ

4. Jinwoongie will be here too right? And Kim Hyesoo too???

5. Please have Kim Hyesoo and Jo Jinwoong appear too

6. Signal 2 is coming??

7. I think that we'll get the watch it next year. Looking forward to it

8. Hul they are doing Signal 2??? Seriously????

9. They will start filming next year so I think it will air in 2026

10. Crazy, they are finally doing it

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