"I fought with my wife, was I in the wrong? Please look..."

First of all, I'm a guy born in '89 and my wife is about three years younger.
And I'm a fan of Winter from aespa.

Not the kind of fan who goes to concerts and sets her as my phone background, but simply became a fan because I like aespa's songs and thinks Winter looks cute with short hair.
If someone asks who my favorite idol is, I'd say I'm a Winter fan, that's it.
Of course, I don't have any merch either.

While listening to teaser songs from aespa's upcoming full album this time,
I said to my wife beside me,
"Oh, aespa's full album is coming out, should we buy one?"

When I was in middle school, I bought a BoA Atlantis Princess cassette tape,
and I haven't bought an album since then, but since a full album is coming out this time,
and I have a fan and am curious about how albums are these days, I'm considering buying it.

When I mentioned this, my wife looked repulsed and said I'm disgusting and that there's over ten years age difference.

Just that one word "disgusting" made me so mad,
so when I said, "Your mother follows Jung Dongwon around, isn't that disgusting too?"
she frowned and asked why I was saying things like that.
For reference, my mother-in-law follows Jung Dong-won not only to domestic concerts but also overseas,
and family gatherings on weekends have to be scheduled around his events, so plans always change according to her wishes.
She's really dedicated, going to fan meetings and even having a group chat for it.

Anyway, after that, my wife keeps asking me why I like idols over ten years younger, calling me a p**vert and saying it's disgusting,
so I responded, "Your mother is even worse~~"
Since then, I've just shut my mouth and haven't been talking since yesterday.

It's f*cking frustrating, I just want to buy ten copies of aespa's full album and spread them all over the living room for real.

With a baby, I can't even get divorced, what should I do?

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1. Why is the wife like that?

2. The wife is so weird, the wife is obviously in the wrong, but the husband is also weird for bringing up the mother-in-law

3. All this about buying one album ㅋㅋㅋ

4. The couple should choose words to say and not to say. You can't call someone "disgusting". The way you talk is problematic, but the way you think is even more problematic

5. No but why all this fuss over one copy of an album?

6. The wife is so weird;; 

7. You should be loving to your lover, how can you call someone "disgusting" ...? Imagine what she thinks of you usually

8. Why is it weird to like aespa...? It's not like you want to date them

9. The way the wife thinks that buying an album is disgusting is even weirder... Just what goes on with her mind..?

10. The wife is so weird... All you said was asking whether you should buy an album... 

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