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1. Their side tracks are so pretty

2. It's written at 3:41 that they were inspired by Midsommar

3. This was way too similar to the movie. It had no originality and it was boring to watch too...

4. This isn't "inspiration", they basically took the movie. Is there no copyright?

5. The song is freaking good

6. It gives my Psycho vibes... I seriously like it

7. I didn't like the teaser editing and concept when I saw the album teasers and the MV is disappointing. But still, the song is good

8. The side tracks are all good

9. The song is good but the MV looks so cheap and disappointing

10. The plot of Midsommar is pretty shocking but they only took the pretty scenes and used them as is


"Hello, this is RED Production. [SM Entertainment production center]

We regret to inform you that the release of Red Velvet’s new music video for the album “COSMIC,” originally scheduled for 6 PM today, has been delayed. The delay is due to final touches aimed at enhancing the video’s quality.

We sincerely apologize to all the fans and ask for your understanding and patience."
CR: Koreaboo

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1. I feel bad for the outsourcing company still making edits at this hour. They probably met the deadline, but now they're stuck accommodating constant revision requests because someone isn't happy with the results.

2. So, when is it going to be ready?

3. They even rushed the countdown live because of the music video release time. They should have at least informed the members in advance.

4. Shouldn't they fire the person in charge at this point? If it's always late, it means the person ultimately responsible is failing at their job

5. At this point, they should lie about the deadline to the people working on the music video and give them an earlier date so it comes out on time

6. One or two times is understandable, but this?

7. I listened to the song, it's really good. The agency is just ruining it by messing up the music video release. If it's always an issue, it should have been fixed by now

8. They knew it was supposed to be out by 6 PM today, but still couldn't make it on time

9. How is their system so messed up that this happens every time? It's baffling

10. This is obviously noise marketingㅋㅋ that's how they promote it

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