(Nicole getting called an 'ahjumma')
Tak Jaehoon: Ah KARA are already...

"What are you guys doing? Are you ahjummas gathering together?!"

"KARA are having a comeback and Tak Jaehoon called her an ahjumma"

Nicole is born in '91

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1. She's 30 years younger than you. He's just a senile old man

2. Seeing it in the video makes it even weirder. He said that there's no reaction to the new song and that it was all a waste.. Seriously, what kind of comment is that? Right to her face, too. It's not funny at all.

3. He’s acting like a halbae

4. Ugh, seriously, just stop appearing. It’s like providing a supply where there’s no demand.

6. A halbae doing unfunny, outdated jokes, seriously

7. How did he end up like this? Wasn't there some controversy before?

8. Why does he keep showing up, he's so annoying.

9. It seems like he's trying to get views by appealing to the exact sense of humor that male-dominated communities want. His YouTube target audience is clear. He keeps acting like this on purpose, bringing on AV actresses and such, just to elevate them. It's the typical vibe of mocking and belittling others

10. Do you think it's funny when your jokes hurt others? Stop just aging in number and become a proper adult

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