The lizards in their houses

Filipinos let these little guys roam around the house. Why? Because it eats all sorts of bugs, cockroaches, and spiders ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It might look gross in pictures, but in reality, it's very small, beige in color, and looks kind of cute. Plus, it's very timid, so it never climbs onto the bed, doesn't go near the desk or where people walk around, and always hides. When it sees me, it quickly scurries away. It's so small that you can't even hear it moving around...

When I first moved in for a homestay, the house owner chased it out to be considerate of me, but then all sorts of ants, spiders, and bugs kept swarming into the room. I had given up and was living with it, but after the lizard came in through the window, all the bugs really disappeared

Especially since it ate all the cockroaches, it was so lovely and endearing that I would secretly sprinkle bread crumbs on the floor for it...ㅠ Now, that I'm back living on my own [in Korea], I catch bugs with my hands, but I really miss them... The natural pest control that didn't cost a thing...

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1. Come here baby-yah 

2. I'd be so grateful for this friend 

3. Come to our house 

4. They eat all of them??? Let's live together

5. Let's send them to Korea ㅜㅜ

6. So cute, it's nice that they catch bugs 

7. So cute 

8. Ah I have one in our house ㅋㅋI didn't know they ate bugs

9. It's too cute 

10. How do you get rid of their poops??

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