"Womens clothing getting hate from male comunnities"

- The inventor needs to be beheaded
- F*ck 
- Hmm... 
- What a f*cked up invention, is that the same bast*rd who invented rash guards? 
- In kindergarten, girls don't even wear underwear because they find it a hassle and uncomfortable, do they really think that they'll wear them?
- Another dog-sh*t invention ha
- The company ruined all the charms behind s*x appeal ㅋㅋ
- There's no commercial ethics behind this 
- Why did they make this again?
- The most important is whether this is comfortable 
- If you're going to go this far, just don't make skirts to start withㅋㅋ
- It looks uncomfortable hmm..
- They're really inventing all sorts of b*llsh*t
- I feel like the b*tches who will wear this will just do it as a tease
- Won't they be unable to open their legs? ;;; 
- I feel like my underpants will get sweaty, so it's not better to add a padding to the inside of the skirt instead?

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1. Oh this is nice, I'll buy one 

2. They'll see a spike in sales 

3. It looks comfortable 

4. The male communities are making this go viral ㅋㅋㅋ

5. Me too I bought one! It's jjang for dresses. And I'll get rid of my Samsung next (t/n: there's a joke where male communities hate women with iPhones) 

6. I'm buying one for sure

7. Where are they selling this? I'm buying one 

8. They sound so much like r*tards all the time that I'm even tired of swearing at them 

9. F*ck are they for real? Do they think we wear clothes for s*x appeal?

10. Wow I'm freaking buying this right now

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