Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

One June 20, NCT member Renjun mistakenly exposed the phone number of an unknown person on a fan communication platform, believing that the number belonged to a sasaeng. SM Entertainment would like to sincerely apologize on Renjun's behalf for this mistake and for inflicting damages on the victim.
Immediately after receiving word that the victim had visited a regional police station to inquire about this incident, SM Entertainment contacted the victim through the investigators to offer an apology. Renjun's Bubble message has also been removed. We will continue our efforts to ensure that there are no further damages, and we ask that everyone refrain from contacting the victim using any means from now on.

Renjun is currently deeply reflecting on his mistake and the careless actions that followed. SM Entertainment also apologizes for failing to take care of our artist and such manners.
Once again, we apologize to the victim as well as many others who were concerned over this incident.

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1. That's not even an apology 

2. No but we don't want the company's words, we want him to apologize directly 

3. That's not even an apology, what kind of mediaplay is that?

4. He was the one who instigated all the terror on that person and now they're apologizing on his behalfㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Celebrities sure are considered nobles 

5. This is honestly dumbfounding 

6. He didn't even apologize directly to the victim, what is this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. That's not even coming from him ㅋㅋ He should apologize himself 

8. ??? Who is apologizing to who???

9. Apologize directly 

10. So he's hiding behind his company


"So you apologize through an article rather than contacting me directly to do so?"

"I received a message from the investigator around 8-9pm yesterday saying that the legal team wanted to contact me regarding an apology. I even gave them my number, but I still haven't heard from them."

original post: here

1. So he's not going to apologize to the party involved...?

2. What the? He didn't even actually apologize but they're just releasing an article like that?

3. He should've apologized directly... By himself 

4. So he's not going to do it by himself?

5. The legendary war of wits

6. Wow he didn't even apologize ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Why is he like that... 

8. Apologizing through an article...

9. Legendary crisis management 

10. Why is he still making this into a bigger issue?

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