Jin of K-pop supergroup BTS will participate as a torchbearer for the 2024 Paris Olympics, sources in the music industry said Tuesday.

The vocalist will travel to France in the near future to take part in the torch relay, the sources said. The exact location and schedule for his participation have not been disclosed.

While the reason for the singer's involvement in the torch relay was not revealed, it likely stems from BTS' global popularity and the group's decadelong message of "love yourself."

Jin, 31, completed his mandatory military service last month, becoming the first BTS member to do so.

He is reportedly preparing to make an appearance on a TV variety show on the MBC channel in the second half of this year, marking his first official comeback into the entertainment industry since his enlistment in December 2022.

In addition to his variety show appearance, he is also gearing up to release a new single in the second half.

In a recent message to fans on the K-pop fan community platform Weverse, Jin expressed his excitement to be back in action.

"I'm working on recording music and filming variety shows," he wrote. "I'm trying to focus on my main job while showing my face as much as possible. The results will be out in a few months, so please wait a little longer."

He, however, ruled out any plans to venture into acting for the time being. "I don't have any plans to act. Sorry about that," he wrote.

Having majored in acting at university, Jin previously expressed interest in pursuing the job as part of his individual activities. (Yonhap)
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1. [+107, -2]
After discharging from the army, he held a hug event with 1000 people, will go on a deserted island, and now will do the torch relay, you can never tell what this man's next move will be 

2. [+97, -3]
He shouted "torch relay" in Mic Drop and he's really doing the torch relay 

3. [+89, -2]
So many people claimed that BTS' popularity overseas will drop, but as expected BTS is showing you otherwise

4. [+80, -3]
Hul daebak as expected from a world satr

5. [+72, -3]
The GOAT from Korea

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