They entered TOP100!!

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1. [+101, -92]
I really hope they stopped shaking their butts... I'd be too embarrassed seeing this on music shows

2. [+85, -8]
I like seeing another healthy group like that after Sistar. The song is good too 

3. [+72, -18]
I liked the fact that even though they were a bit try hard, they had good ability to express themselves in performances and they were talented, so they were in the process of establishing their image like that, but it feels like they're suddenly now trying to focus more on their s*x appeal? Their MV looked cheap and it's not to say that the members are like that, but they've lost every differentiator from other idol groups from smaller companies and it seems like they're just resolving to the same gimmicks in the end..  It's so so that they're trying so hard to be provocative that it's becoming a set up for them

4. [+58, -26]
This song was good but I'm wondering how I'm supposed to watch the MV

5. [+29, -3]
The b-sides are so good, please you must listen to them 

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