"Karina's romantism is to get abs + a toned body
Karina: No matter how much I work out, I've never gotten any abs since birth"

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1. How are those "abs"...?ㅋ everyone has that if they're human;...
> ? Those are indeed abs. It's true that everyone has them but you can't see them clearly because of the fat. You need to limit your fat in order to see them

2. Abs are basically muscles in the abdomen, so whether they come from being skinny or working out, they are still abs. Why is everyone making such a fuss in the comments?

3. Wow there are so may trolls in the comments

4. These are indeed abs. She must've suffered while being on a dietㅜㅜ

5. It's true that her body is turned to the side, so you can see them better but I don't think that they would show if she didn't have abs to begin with 

6. Even Karina is doing abs work out... I should too....

7. Who wants to bet with me if those are abs or not?

8. Karina is indeed the top lately

9. No but it's not like OP claimed that she had a six pack. Whats' wrong with you guys

10. My stomach is a round so I'm jealous of her... meanwhile, the trolls are all flooding in

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