#1 Choi Jungeun 07'er, Korean

#2 Bang Jeemin 05'er, Korean

#3 Yoon Jiyoon 05'er, Korean

#4 Koko 06'er, Japanese

#5 Ryu Sarang 07'er, Korean

Producer pick Mai 04'er, Japanese

Added member Jeong Saebi 08'er, Korean

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1. The members combination is good

2. They really picked good members

3. There are some members who didn't make it to the lineup that I wanted, but they really picked a good lineup 

4. Wow but they really picked well 

5. Jeongeunie, congrats on your #1 ㅠㅠ

6. Oh aside from one person, they're all tall 

7. Hul Sarangie is debuting ㅠㅜ This is good 

8. The combination is fine, and since it's Teddy's song, I don't need to worry. I'm looking forward

9. who will be the leader?

10. Jeongeun and Jiyoon are gonna be the talented members

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