While BLACKPINK's Jennie has been criticized for smoking indoors, a staff member's statement is attracting attention.

Netizen A, who introduced himself as a staff member who was present at the time of the indoor smoking incident, said, "The place shown in the video was the waiting area for the Jacquemus fashion show, and it was not a place where indoor smoking is prohibited. When asked if her could smoke, she opened the window right next to her and proceeded to smoke."

"While the staff was looking for lip products, Jennie inhaled a bubble stick from a convenience store. It was just the right time to blow out the smoke. After the show, she continued to apologize, and the staff member said it was okay because she is also a smoker. It's a problem that the smoke passed over the staff member's head, but I don't think it's a problem that should be mentioned together with the personality controversy from the past. I am upset that she is being misunderstood as a real friend, so I am leaving a comment."

Of course, there is an error in A's statement. In the past, e-cigarettes were not included as cigarettes, but in January 2014, the Tobacco Business Law was amended to include them. Italy has also banned indoor smoking in all public places since 2005. In particular, Italian Health Minister Orazio Schillaci has been actively promoting tobacco control by proposing a bill to expand the indoor smoking ban to include areas outside bars, bus stops, and parks, according to La Stampa.

There are suspicions that A's statement was fabricated, but A has not yet provided any additional comments.

Meanwhile, Jennie faced controversy after a video titled "A Moment in Capri with Jennie" was released on her official YouTube channel on the 2nd. In the video, she was seen smoking an e-cigarette in front of a staff member while getting her makeup done.

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1. As long as she doesn't do it again, it's fine. Jennie, fighting. Everyong else, fighting too

2. Do they have any proof...? Or was it just a random comment?

3. What's with this article? Italy has prohibited smoking indoors and they basically just admitted that she did smoke indoors

4. Was this written by the staff next to Jennie?
> No no

5. Ah.... ok....

6. If you're indoors, surrounded by people less than ten centimeters away, and you're still smoking, aren't you a heavy smoker?

7. It was an e-cig anyways so what's the issue?

8. If the controversy continues, the actual staff member might find it even more difficult. It would be better to stop now. The staff member has to keep working in the industry, and they can't really say, "No, I'm not okay with it" either

9. They are writing an article about something that's not even proven to be true..?

10. It was still second hand smoking regardless

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