- When you post pictures of Jennie on your Oa account on Twitter or Instagram, why do you keep posting low quality pictures? Even the Billie Eilish listening party photo and her latest Chanel show, both had high resolution photos, but you keep uploading them in low resolution. Please upload the photos and double check

- Let's work harder to run this company. This is Jennie's first album, so pay more attention and pay special attention to the media. I know it's difficult this company has just started but I want you to know that what the fans are asking for isn't that big of a problem. Fighting

- Please publish an article at least two months before Jennie’s solo comeback. Only then will we have enough time to pre-order the album and fans will be able to save money and prepare.
Don't tell me her comeback in July or August, but you still haven't posted any comeback articles? This is Jennie's comeback after 6 years, so you need to pay close attention.
Especially for articles and media coverage, it feels like you can't work at all...

- [Same comment copied from above]

- [Same comment copied from above]

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1. That's her one man agency, why are they like that?

2. Ah... I honestly hate this kind of situation... They really think that everything is as easy as it seems... 

3. So her fans domestic and international are the same 

4. Wow I'd have PTSD

5. Isn't that the person who's been her manager ever since her YG days? I thought she was known to do her work well 

6. Wow the one at fault was Jennie, but they're here being an eyesore to her surroundings 

7. Hul do they think they're doing daycare for some kind of baby? It's not like this is a kindergarten 

8. Wow.... 

9. These kinds of things in the idol industry is too severe.. 

10. But it's indeed kinda problematic to only upload low quality photos on the official account though 

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