"Hello, this is Min Kyung Hoon.

It’s the monsoon season, so it’s raining a lot. I hope you’re staying safe.

It’s hard to believe that over 20 years have passed since I debuted at the age of 20.
Thanks to all of you who have always supported me despite my shortcomings, I feel I have grown a lot. I am always grateful to you.

I have news that I’d like to share directly with my fans. I will be getting married this coming November.

I have met someone special with whom I want to build a family and share the simple joys of daily life, and we have decided to be each other’s sanctuary.
We promise to support and love each other and live happily together.
I hope you will watch over us warmly and bless our new journey.

Wishing you health and happiness in all your days.

Thank you."
CR: Soompi


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1. Hul

2. Hul!! Ssam-ja, congrats~~

3. Kyung Hoon hyung, be happy forever

4. Ssam-ja needs to be happy🫶

5. Wow so he's really getting married....!! Congratulations

6. I wonder who is he getting married to?
> It's someone from the broadcast industry

8. Wow Sssam-ja is getting married?? Congrats

9. Wow people said that he's getting married to a writer from KB, is it real??? They said that she was born in the year of the pig

10. Oh??????? Our oppa....

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