On 'Radio Star,' Oh My Girl's Seunghee commented on the recent idol juniors who don't greet properly.

On the MBC entertainment program "Radio Star," which aired on March 3, Ok Joo Hyun, Ahn Hyun Mo, Cho Hyun Ah, and Oh My Girl's Seunghee participated in the "Mad Max Rage Stage" special.

During the broadcast, Seunghee responded to the criticism that she was pushed aside by Mimi due to her recent entertainment activities, saying, "I'm strong right now," "But there are parts of me that felt pushed aside by Mimi. I reappeared on 'Radio Star' after five years, and Mimi reappeared after one year."

Seunghee also raised curiosity when she said that she can tell the seasons change by her bank account. Seunghee said, "Oh My Girl has a lot of summer songs. I'm in charge of the chorus for all of our songs. I've been singing chorus since I was 17, so I've been doing it for 12 years, so I have know-how," she boasted.

"I can tell which songs are popular thanks to the chorus. Among them, 'Dolphin' is really popular. IU once did a cover of it, and it has become really popular since then," she said, attracting attention.

Seunghee, who has already been in her 10th year of debut, says that when she goes to music broadcasts, she can't help but hear the sound of 'latte~' (T/N: it's a slang used among knets which describes a situation of someone old saying "back in my days" when criticizing the younger generation's behaviour. It comes from the sentence "나 때는 말이야" where "나 때" (Natte) sounds like "Latte"). "There used to be a culture of going around the waiting room to say hello, but that's gone nowadays. Even if they see someone in the hallway, they just say hello with their eyes," Seunghee said, referring to the greetings of juniors these days.
Seunghee added, "I loved the old greeting culture, and sometimes I wonder what kind of junior they are." Ok Joo Hyun said, "I sometimes feel uncomfortable because they're too uptight with me," to which Kim Gura quipped, "You're not much different from Seunghee."


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1. What the heck is an "eye greeting"? Saying "hello" must be the basics

2. I like that the waiting room greeting culture is gone though? She's probably the only one who likes it. How can the majority of people like it....;

3. I also feel like nowadays, idols aren't singers anymore... it's not only in the idol industry. I just feel like nowadays, people don't greet each other anymore

4. Being good at greeting is the basics of a society😇

5. Seriously, why would she bring that up... it's not like it will make her look better to talk about it on broadcast... I get that greetings are important but the fact that she's there checking if her hoobaes are greeting her or not makes her look like a boomerㅠ

6. It's a good thing that idols don't go waiting room to waiting room to greet people. But greeting only with your eyes is not it...

7. I get that she's trying to bring up the issue of greeting but if she talks about this openly, people will just be calling her a boomer....ㅋㅋㅋㅋ why say it on broadcastㅠ

8. What "boomer"? If you see someone, you should greet them?

9. The kids are say that "eye greeting " is fine have no experience in society. In our company, even the Executive Vice President nods to greet the junior employees.

10. Stop saying that introverted people are timidㅋㅋㅋ what's so hard about greeting another person?

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