1. I feel even more sorry for Kijeong, who tries hard to live but cannot escape the swamp of poverty.
2. I feel even more sorry for Yeongyo's family, whose family fell apart after bringing in the wrong tutor.

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1. #2

2. Definitely #2

3. I think I feel worse for #2. 
It's a pity that the poor family has fallen to the abyss and is in a state of physical and moral lethargy, but the rich family is truly a lightning bolt from the sky for them. The only mistake they did was mentioning the smell from the poor... But in reality, the fact that they were talking about the poor family was a conversation that they had overheard from eavesdropping the rich couple, and the rich couple has always acted mannerly in front of the poor...They didn't do anything wrong 

4. #1. #2 at least experienced living a good life, but #1 has no money. #2 is able to use their skills to build themselves again 

5. Obviously #2

6. The victim was #2. I feel worse for #2 but in terms of restoring their lives, #1 will never be able to do it. #1 is more pitiful, and in the end, things will work out for #2. 

7. How are people divided? Obviously #2

8. Obviously #2, what crime did they commit...

9. Obviously #2, Kijeong's household just look like they didn't want to put any effort. No matter the work they had to do, they always tried to go the easy route. Rather than falling in poverty despite them trying, it felt more like they fell in poverty because of their own incompetency 

10. #2

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