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Physical 100 star and former rugby athlete Andre Jin is accused of physically and sexually assaulting a woman identified as his ex-girlfriend.

In an exclusive report from MBC, they showed a blurred video of a house with a woman screaming at a man who was naked at the time.

"Don't touch me! I hate you!"

"Stop it, I'm sorry"

The woman was able to escape to the bathroom and lock the door so that she had time to call the police.

"He came home and hit me and is going to s****y *ssault me."

While she was in the bathroom, Andre Jin, now wearing clothes, can be seen breaking in the door to begin his physical assault on her again.

"You d*e b*tch"

Andre Jin ended up taking her cell phone and breaking it before leaving the residence.

"We broke up in March after dating for around six months. On the day of the incident, I went back to the house to get some clothes he left there and I brought them to him while he was out drinking."
— Woman

However, after that, he barged into her house where he demanded sex. When she refused, he began assaulting her. What’s worse is that once he left, he immediately texted her as if nothing happened.

I think I heard you screaming. I hope everything is okay.
— Andre Jin’s text message

The woman was diagnosed with a concussion and subcutaneous bleeding on her face. She also has been receiving psychiatric treatment following the incident.

Andre Jin was arrested three days after the incident on June 21.
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1. Huh????????

2. The fact that he dragged her to the room next to where the CCTV was is shocking. It was so hard to watch him hit and drag her 

3. Hul?? Wow f*ck the way he opened the door with that frame of his was freaking creepy... And the way he texts is giving me goosebumps, and the r*pe injuriesㄷㄷ

4. Ha... He's over 190cm and he's so big... Seriously he's scary and a psychopath 

5. Wow.... Is he insane

6. The text gave me goosebumps

7. Wow the text was seriously scary...... 

8. Wow the fact that he texted to pretend like he didn't do it is so creepy... He's insane 

9. ????

10. Crazy, if not for the CCTV, what would've happened?

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