Joy: Yeri was the center for the next group and was planned to debut together with the younger group and the other trainees. So she was practicing separately from us

Yeri: At first, when they told me "you will be added to Red Velvet", to be honest, I had more loyalty to my friends (from the other group). I don't know what to believe, I was in middle school..

Yeri: (I said) "then I won't be debuting"

Yeri: "I will go into acting"

Yeri: That's what I said. It's not that I hated these unnies (Red Velvet), I felt like a traitor. I dropped out from school to practice. So I don't really have memories of school days with my friends

Yeri: So those friends (trainees from the other group) felt like my friends from school to me

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1. What is SM doing to a minor like her?

2. But why did they add Yeri later than the other members? There must be a reason right? Is it because their following group's debut was delayed by too long so they are debuting her earlier?

3. ㅠㅠ the girls from SM Rookies

4. Aigo... she must've felt so perplexed

5. I think that's why she's still hanging out with her older friends... 

6. She must've felt pressured to be added to a group that already existed. The things they did were awful both to Yeri and the other traineesㅠㅠ

7. This was honestly a horrible thing to do to a minor

8. Seriously... why be so cruel towards young kids...

9. It must've been so hard... but seriously, when I saw Yeri in the Rookies, I thought that she'd be the center

10. I totally understand her... when I was young, my friends were the world to me

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