"No but is it true that you can smell period blood..?

Some of my friends have told me that they can smell other people when they're close to them, but I've never smelled anyone but me. Am I weird? Can you all smell it?"

"- I also have never smelled it on other people

If I wear a sanitary pad for a long time, I smell it around a little bit, but other than that... not really..?

- My sense of smell is pretty developed, so I can notice the smell from others... Some people have a strong odor, and it gets worse if they don’t change often. Guys probably notice it more because they aren't used to it...

- I haven't smelled someone else's, and it's probably not the smell of the period itself but the sanitary pad...?? I've heard that if you use a menstrual cup, you don't get that strange smell from the pad, just the blood smell

- But even for me, my smell only comes out when I go to the washroom to change my pad. Not when I'm sitting. I've never smelled it on others

- Guys definitely seem to notice. I don't know if it's hormones or what, but they can definitely smell when a woman is on her period just by being near her"

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1. Aside from when I'm changing my period pad at the toilet, I've never smelled it

2. My boyfriend smelled it right away

3. I've never smelled it aside from when I was in the washroom but I think that I'll become way too self conscious now....

4. I can smell mine so of course I can smell others'....

5. Oh... I've never smelled it. My family said the same, and of course, other people too... my husband also said he never smelled it... I guess that some people have more sensitive noses

6. Wow I've never smelled anyone but mine... the smell is so bad. I wonder how other people endure it

7. You need to wash thoroughly when you're on your period. That will reduce the smell tremendously. Otherwise, the smell will come out

8. I've never smelled others' period in my whole life

9. I've smelled my friend's period once...

10. How do so many people have dog's noses here?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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