"In this scene, the MV director told (Taeyeon) to freestyle it. Legendary; seriously, you need to be this talented to be a celebrity"

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1. I wouldn't have been able to do this even if I learned the choreography by heart... her talent is insane

2. No but.... Taeyeon has experience though... she's a pro

3. I thought "wow she did well!" but what's with the commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. It's impressive that this was freestyle but it doesn't seem that impressive... it's just 'ok'... she doesn't seem like the type of person who is good at using her body...

5. No but what's wrong with TheWoo...? If the fans think that she did well, can you just leave it as is and scroll past this? Why must you say something negative about her? You guys are fascinating

6. No but what's wrong with everyone here? She did well...

7. Seriously, there are so many losers here

8. She did pretty well? Considering that it was freestyled

9. She did freaking well

10. I think that anyone can do this though?ㅋㅋ the title is oba

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