This Olympics is already called ‘The most luxurious and well-dressed Olympics in history’

Of course, the biggest sponsor of the Paris Olympics is French luxury goods empire LVMH

It is very unusual for a ‘luxury brand’, to step forward as an Olympic sponsor.
LVMH poured a whopping 220 billion won into this Olympics.

The torch that introduces the Olympic event 

It's safely stored in Louis Vuitton's torch trunk

The medals for this year’s Paris Olympics were designed and produced by ‘Chaumet,’ a luxury jewelry brand belonging to LVMH

In other words, the athletes who win medals this time will have the greatest honor of an Olympic medal, as well as the ‘limited edition of Chaumet, which will be the most difficult to obtain’

The medal tray used at the medal award ceremony is also Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton uniforms that will be worn by the 515 medal awarding volunteers at this Olympics focus on convenience without losing sophistication

The French national team's Paris Olympics uniform was produced by Berluti, a men's luxury brand under LVMH.

To express French elegance, the colors of the French flag are combined with a design resembling a tuxedo.

However, since the designs of luxury brands can be blatantly displayed throughout the competition, there is also a lot of criticism that ‘the Olympics, which should prioritize the spirit of sports, will become overly snobbish.’

Those who are critical are calling it ‘the Olympics, where the smell will be of leather and wine, not the smell of athletes’ sweat.’

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1. The medals are pretty but the clothes are so so 

2. It's indeed pretty but it looks cheap because they try to make it too obvious... 

3. Chaumet wow, they'll fight for the gold medal 

4. But that's literally their own country's brand...Isn't it the right thing to do to use their own country's brand for the Olympics?

5. Please provide AC

6. Impressive ㅋㅋㅋ They're raising the status for Paris Olympics

7. It's not pretty and looks outdated

8. Please sponsor some AC too 

9. Maybe because I got too used to the branding, I don't get how "French" this is ㅋㅋ I see the LV check everyday in the subway

10. I don't feel like luxury brands match sports, so it looks weird 

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