A teenage male student, who attempted to fatally st*b a fellow high school student with a weapon in a school restroom and then made an extreme choice, has finally passed away.

According to the Ansan Danwon Police Station on the 5th, the suspect A, who was charged with attempted m**der, died while receiving treatment at Ajou University Hospital on the 4th at 5:00 PM.

On the 1st at around 3:40 PM, A allegedly attempted to fatally st*b his classmate B multiple times with a weapon in the restroom of a school located in Danwon-gu, Ansan.

B was transferred to the hospital while conscious and is currently undergoing treatment. It was reported that B sustained injuries to the face, hands, arms, and chest.

After the incident, A fled the school building and made an extreme choice by heading to a nearby apartment.

Police, alerted by the school, found A unconscious and collapsed in the apartment at the time, and he was transferred to the hospital. A was later reported to have been receiving treatment in a state of brain death.

Despite A's death, police plan to continue investigating the motive behind the crime.

A and B were identified as living in the same neighborhood and attending the same school. Although they were not in the same class at school, they were known to have attended classes in the same group at the academy.

However, it was reported that B had no special relationship with A and it remains unclear why B became the victim.

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1. Good die

2. I hope the victim's body can recover and she can lead a good life 

3. The victim must recover fully and have a good life

4. Good die? I wished he lived so he can get the punishment he deserves

5. He died well, go reflect in hell 

6. I only pity the victim 

7. I hope that the victim can recover both physically and mentally soon 

8. Sigh ㅠ only the female student is pitiful 

9. This crazy f*cker should be punished

10. This m**derer died a good death

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