Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

We would like to inform you of the legal actions taken regarding the theft of personal information related to one member of EXO and three members of NCT.

Regarding the incident that occurred during a live broadcast on X (Twitter) in April 2023, where individuals impersonated delivery personnel to steal artists' personal information, we have gathered substantial evidence through fan reports and our own monitoring. We have filed a criminal complaint under the Information and Communication Network Act and Information Protection Act, appointing the law firm Sejong (Limited) as our legal representative.

The defendants in this case committed crimes such as impersonating delivery personnel during a live broadcast with numerous viewers, stealing the artists' addresses, and broadcasting this information publicly. At the time, the police identified four participants in the live broadcast as suspects and forwarded two individuals who directly called the artists to the prosecution for indictment.

During the subsequent trial proceedings, the defendants admitted to all charges, claiming they committed these criminal acts out of excessive fandom for the artists and requesting leniency. Ultimately, each of the two defendants was fined 3 million won. We would like to inform you that your significant interest and valuable reports have greatly contributed to legal actions against criminal acts targeting artists.

To this day, unauthorized actions such as obtaining artists' phone numbers or home addresses and making unauthorized visits have continued for a long period. Despite suffering, artists have endured this due to their status as public figures, but the severity has reached a point of serious mental distress. We emphasize again that such actions are not expressions of interest in artists but serious criminal acts that instill fear and cause significant mental harm.

Furthermore, we continue to monitor and take legal actions against such acts as well as those that violate artists' rights and honor under a zero-tolerance policy to protect our artists. We await the results of various legal actions. Please cease any actions that invade artists' privacy immediately and be mindful not to be involved in unwelcome incidents.

Thank you.

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1. I'll wait for detailed reports like that in the future too, fighting fighting 

2. Good, I support all the future lawsuits 

3. I love that they let us know the results now... 

4. They were men...? Hul 

5. I still remember this 

6. They sure took a long time 

7. Oh they use Sejong firm here too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Finally they're letting us know the result of their lawsuit, Kwangya was a good thing 

9. 119 is finally doing something 

10. Good good 

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