June 30 Songyuan, Jilin Province, China

A Chinese celebrity famous for dancing was st**bed to death by a 53-year-old drunk while on air. 

A video has been released showing dozens of people just watching without reporting or helping, which became controversial 

It trended # 1 on Weibo, it criticized China's Weiguan culture of not helping others, reigniting the controversy.  

The reactions reads "it's bizarre that they don't even run away and just crowd around and watch."

Currently, China is doxxing the bystanders 

Right now the videos of deceased dancing are reproduced to generate profit because there are no copyright since he passed away

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1. No but isn't it common sense to run away in instances like that?

2. They just...Watched? Isn't this totally against human instinct? That's interesting 

3. No but if you can't help, at least report them right away?

4. Rest in peace

5. This has nothing to do with the culture or whatever, if you see an assailant right in front of you, don't you usually automatically run away....? If I'm the most important thing to myself, I'd run away right away, why are they watching....?

6. This is insane, they didn't even help, but just gathered to look? This is such a weird country 

7. Hul... What happened to the person who passed...? I bet he would've never known he'd pass like that 

8. This is honestly an insane country 

9. They have to be crazy to just look, and they're not even running away 

10. That's the culture over there?

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