Even though reporting it might not lead to any consequences since it’s overseas, the general reaction is that smoking right in front of someone is a bit inconsiderate.

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1. Instead of seeing them as people working *for* you, think of them as people working *with* you.

2. I dislike smoking, but since it’s not illegal, it’s a matter of personal freedom. However, blowing smoke right in someone's face is really inconsiderate.

3. Hul... such bad manners. It’s really off-putting.

4. Can’t she hold back? That’s really disappointing

5. Wow, smoking right in front of someone while her doing makeup?

6. Did she really just put that in her vlog? ;;;

7. Hul... blowing smoke right in front of a staff member... Jennie-yah...

8. I found her pretty, but I'm disappointed. Blowing smoke in someone’s face isn’t right. Is she not seeing the staff as people?

9. Look at her blowing smoke right in their face. Seriously, that's so thoughtless.

10. Smoking indoors is already bad but imagine blowing smoke in someone's face... that's such a nasty habit. She probably doesn't see the staffs as people, just like YG


Maybe because she gives the impression that her self-management is amazing so I thought she'd never touch a cigarette. This is fascinating 

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1. [+539, -4]
Nobody would care if she stepped outside to take a few puffs, but she's here smoking in front of someone doing her makeup and blowing the smoke in their face. Why is this so despicable to see?

2. [+509, -4]
I don't think her smoking is unexpected, but her smoking in front of someone's face is γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

3. [+448, -9]
This makes the fact that she had to leave the stage because because she was hyperventilating even funnier

4. [+311, -5]
γ…‹γ…‹ I never thought that Jennie had an awesome "self-management" image... It's just that it's unfamiliar to see a female idol smoking like that, it's totally not unexpected to see Jennie smoke 

5. [+250, -2]
The fact that she's blowing the smoke in her makeup artist's face is... Not it

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