Yuju will have her solo debut on 1/18 with 'Play' and her teaser is out

It's Korean style and Yuju participated in the writing and composing of all her songs

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First of all, the song and choreography are crazy ㅜㅜㅜㅜ I seriously can't believe that it's Korean style. The beat is also magnificent, seriously.... Seriously, I can't believe it. I like this so much. The gayageum sound is also crazy

2. [+70, -5]
Please have Kim Sojung wear a hanbok and do the Play challenge with Yuju. I wanted GFriend to have a oriental concept, why didn't they do it?
"- What's up with Yuju's teaser?
- It's seriously so my style
- I sang a song saying that I wanted to do an oriental song
- Ha
- Number 1 in my heart
- Let's be sick together"

3. [+56, -3]
You can real 'Play (놀이)' as 'pine mushroom/bunch of flowers(송이)', crazy, it's a blooming flower (꽃송이)

4. [+33, -3]
Finally something interesting in the current boring music industry 

5. [+32, 0]
It's trending, good good

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