Momoland Daisy

After she withdrew, she enrolled at an university and is currently a student

She recently made an Insta and her dance is still as good as ever just like a main dancer

Momoland Yeonwoo

Became actress Yeonwoo

She started by taking side roles and is now acting as the lead. She has participated in various works

Momoland Taeha

She's currently doing singing covers on her Insta and YT and has the skills of a main vocal. She's still communicating with fans

I f*cking miss them... Lee Dabin, Yoo Jungah, Kim Taeha

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1. [+165, 0]
But it amazes me that they took out the group's main rapper, main visual and main vocal

2. [+71, 0]
Seriously, it's funny how they took out their cream of the creamㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+31, -1]
I like the fact that Yeonwoo became an actress so much. Her face is definitely f*cking pretty so I wanna see her often

4. [+23, -5]
JooE and Nancy are seconds so they are fails (T/N: OP uses the slang '텃새/tut-se' which is used to describe someone coming in late/came in second who is not as favored as the one who came in first (usually describing people at work, school, etc.))

5. [+5, 0]
All these 3 look kind..

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