They didn't know that the Vlive has started and made an accidental comment
"I'm sick of this to death, I need to go home fast"

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1. [+1,098, -18]
If what she meant is she's sick tired of doing the Vlive, I'd seriously be dumbfounded. They stole someone else's life and even received the care from HYBE, meanwhile they still can't really hit big and are doing this 

2. [+715, -6]
You can't shield thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The fact that the atmosphere got f*cking bad because they realized that the camera was oneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She probably thought that she could get away with it because other member were chatting about something else right? The fact that they were all laughing, it's clear that nobody thought her comment was problematic

3. [+612, -4]
Saerom: I'm sick of this to death. Faster, I need to go home
Nagyung: Hello 
Hayoung: Unnie greet them 
Saerom: Yeah, no this(?) needs to appear. Ah it appeared, 2-3. Hello 

4. [+510, -11]
She just looks so rude......... 

5. [+426, -2]
Song Hayoung could smell the f*ck up.... She started hush hushing right away

6. [+416, -3]
If you hate doing Vlive, go practice singing instead.. She can't even sing live, can't dance, meanwhile she goes to her agency everyday, just why in the hell is she going for? To play? If you want to go home that bad, why did you even bother putting n makeup? She also never comes on Weverse

7. [+410, -0]
The worst part is their Hannam fandom who is buying their albumㅋㅋㅋㅋ They close their ears at a rigged school violence group, buy their albums and even made them win #1 on Show Champion. They're doing everything for Fromis9 to protect them in every communities meanwhile they're saying stuff like 'I'm sick to death of doing this, I need to go home fast" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+348, -2]
If you don't want to do it, then don't become an idol. They're earning money from the fans, but what have they accomplished? It's been 6 years since their debut and they still haven't shot a single CF meanwhile they still need to work, I bet they're annoyed themselves

9. [+332, -9]
Meanwhile when the oppa is patting her hair, she sure doesn't look sick of it


Hello, this is fromis_9’s Saerom. I’m writing this because I wanted to explain in detail to Flovers [fandom name] the words that you heard from me at the start of yesterday’s V Live.

Between the end of self-quarantine and the start of the V Live was the first chance I’d had in a long time to meet the other members and catch up on conversation with them. I told the members that at first I enjoyed being alone in quarantine after being with the members constantly for so long, but then I later got tired to death of not being able to go outside.

In addition, the self-quarantine period was only seven days, but I wasn’t able to return to the dorm until Seoyeon, who lives in the same dorm, tested negative, so I was worried about her and said that I wanted to go home quickly to see her. I think that these words were overheard without context and so they were misunderstood.

I wanted to show a good image for Flover because it had been a while, but I’m sorry for making you surprised and worried because of my carelessness. I’ll continue to greet you often with a more careful and mature image.
Cr. Soompi 

Thanks to Seoyeon's COVID, she got an excuse

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1. [+319, -111]
But why do you insist that this is an excuse? It could've actually been a misunderstanding?

2. [+213, -83]
You guys are forcing them into reflecting because of a misunderstanding you created. As expected from a community that kills people 

3. [+155, -43]
On February 10th, Lee Saerom was released from self-quarantine, however unlike her, member Lee Seoyeon could only get released from her self-quarantine on February 12th. Saerom and Seoyeon lives in the same dorm, so Saerom couldn't see Seoyeon until that day on February 12th, so she was unable to go back to her dorm. The controversial Vlive happened on February 11th where she said "I'm sick of this to death, I need to go home fast".
(Explaining the above situation) 

4. [+104, -20]
Instead of saying "I'm sick to death of this" she could've said "I WAS sick to death of this" in the past tense and I would've believed her apology more

5. [+58, -13]
What misunderstanding... This just looks like an excuse. The way she said it while rolling her eyes and then seemed f*cking shocked makes me think this is an excuse

6. [+51, -16]
Look at PANN girls shutting their eyes and ears again 

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