She debuted as an idol but she's hitting even bigger as an actress....

I want to see the fresh Kim Sejeong on stage just like in IOI

And I hope that she doesn't release a ballad but a dance song
It's such a shame that she's letting her talents waste away
She's a good dancer too

It's fine if she acts so please give her an album too. If releasing an album is too difficult, then give us a single

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1. [+273, -11]
It's indeed a bit of a shame that she's not coming out as a singer anymore ㅠㅠ she doesn't lack anything from dancing to singing

2. [+200, -7]
She would've continued if Gugudan did well.... ㅠ

3. [+167, -8]
I cried once when listening to Kim Sejeong's Flower Path. I honestly hope that she releases another song like this

4. [+124, -2]
She's seriously an all-rounder. Kim Sejeong, Jun Somi and Jeon Soyeon... Just what's up with Produce 1

5. [+94, -1]
No but she even released Warning recently and was promoting... you guys are the ones who didn't listen to it..ㅋㅋ

6. [+91, -2]
Are you guys saying this after listening to Plant and Warning? If you guys listened to her songs a lot, she would've released more..

7. [+76, 0]
People keep asking why Kim Sejeong doesn't release any songs anymore but she's been releasing solo albums steadily

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