Do idols need to dance well "like an idol"?
Or do they need to dance well and have the best vibe?

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1. Huh... Irene's dancing is pretty clean. I'm another group's fan and I love Irene's dance lines and her voice color. I was so disappointed when she got into a controversy 

2. Yeah I don't think she cannot dance, she dances normally 

3. I'm not saying she can't dance, but she's not a good dancer either...? How to put this, Seulgi dances like the dance comes out from her body, meanwhile Irene dances as if she learned the dance...?

4. I'm not saying she's a bad dancer, but I never thought she was a good dancer either...
Maybe because Seulgi just stands out too much..?
The only member in Red Velvet I've ever found good was Seulgi 

5. She dances exactly like what an idol would dance!! She's clean, dances with charm. She reminds me of Nayeon. She's not a dancer, but she suits the dance perfectly, that's the vibe I get from her 

6. I never thought she was lacking in skills. She's pretty, but visuals aside, I can totally understand why SM kept her as a center 

7. Saying she can't dance is seriously a reach. Even for One Of Those Nights, it's not Irene who was a bad dancer, but the dance was way too weird

8. She's not bad but she's also not mention-worthy 

9. She's the best dancer following Seulgi though

10. In my opinion, she's the best dancer for Queendom. That's what I think!

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