She came on Produce's survival show, Unprety Rapstar, Queendom and she was even the maknae on Queendom to boot. She has huge buzz factor to her and she hit daebak on all of them. Lion and Put It Straight were huge hits

She's the main producer and write on Idle's songs and she's in charge of everything even the ideas themselves

When her team's member got into a school violence controversy, she came out as a solo by herself with Beam Beam and won #1 on music shows

After that, she became an MC on My Teenage Girl (although it's a shame she got herself in a plagiarism controversy at the end) 

She went through the worst situations and came back on top of Melon Charts at #2 with Tomboy

Honestly, it's hard, especially for girl groups to comeback strong after 1 year of vacuum due to school violence, and there must've been so many people who left the fandom 
Yet they won #1

You'd expect Soyeon to keep all the killing parts and important parts of the songs to herself, being the composer and writer
But if you watch closely, you'd realize that some members have more parts than her and she gives all the important parts to others

The parts that become a "sensation" part is all parts that other members have. The other members never complain about parts distribution and she gives the parts fairly

Jun Soyeon is amazing

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1. [+114, -13]
There's no female idol out there who is as talented as her

2. [+102, -8]
Honestly, you'd expect her to become the all-rounder talented one of her girl group ever since she came on Produce, but she's overstepping that standard beyond expectations after seeing her debut... That's why she's cool 

3. [+88, -66]
Yet she plagiarizes..

4. [+68, -6]
She has a lot of star factor, she's super ambitious and works hard, there's nothing she can't do 

5. [+49, -55]
Yeah plagiarizer~

6. [+26,-22]
But then why did the have to plagiarize last time... I thought she was quite talented

7. [+21, -1]
Seriously she was always good, but she's improving herself every time and it's fascinating. I saw a comment saying "if you have idols like Jun Soyeon, you will never fail" I can relate to this. Her talents are top tier

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