People claim that this is a white people party 

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1. Wow I thought "honorary white" expression was only in history books, it's the first time I'm seeing so many of them;;;;; This is truly amazing

2. I know people are trying to shield this in the comments saying all the main characters are white, but I didn't know it would be this bad 

3. If all the characters are white, I don't know what the problem is. Rather, it's weird to remake the original to make a black person appear at all cost. Rather than damaging the original work, you can just create another, it makes me wonder why must we touch the original work. It reminds me of Disney. 
Of course, the same goes the other way around, if the original work only has black people in them, it's unnecessary to make a remake by only casting white people, this would also lead them to rewrite the entire thing. I just think we should keep the original work the way it is. 
Reading the comments, I'm not sure which side I'm on

4. It's seriously a random comment I'm making but I still don't understand why white people are called white people when people in our country look whiter.... 

5. Nowadays, I feel like swearing at white men have became a trend.
I've been travelling around and after having spoken with many people, I realized that the people who respects Asians, Black people, etc. the most are white people in USA and Europe. Right now, it feels like everyone wants to turn white people into a racist no matter what they do...

6. What's more important is that he needs to make better movies. Tenet was so boring. Make us relive works like Dark Knight and Inception 

7. No matter how much you guys try to shield this here, if you bring these opinions in the US, you'll get hit on and it's a fact

8. Three different flavors of vanilla~~~~ (t/n: comment in English) 

9. It looks countrified 

10. The racial representation is problematic but what's up with the gender ratio??? There are only 4 women among all these actors

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