Look at them sh*tting on Bangtan 

(T/N: the post is one long screenshot so we'll translate a few comments since they are all pretty much saying the same thing)
+ 837: Do you think that you can compare Bangtan to Kwon Jiyong?... If Kwon Jiyong wasn't there, Bangtan would've never been called by words like "world class" and be associated with the word "K-pop".... Kwong Jiyong can command everything by himself from music, pop culture, fashion, trend, etc...
 - +84: Seriously, the kids nowadays are like some kind of pimp but Jiyongie hyung is really the personification of "cool"ㅠㅠ

+2.5K: There are a lot of comments mentioning BTS; it's an undeniable fact that Bangtan are a world class boy band but there are no trendsetter who was able to lead not only Korea but the whole Asian continent like GD win terms on fashion, music and pop culture. It's completely different than having a global fanbase. If Bangtan is a global boy band, then GD is a trend setter. Not everyone want to copy Bangtan's music nor their fashion. However, everyone wants to copy GD's fashion and music. There was never an impact like his that drew in both the public and everyone in his work field.
 - +409: Bangtan's reputation for being famous is just that they are a famous groupㅋ

 - + 370: How dare you put Bangtan with him?ㅋㅋ. You Bangtan fan-roaches, I'm sorry but how dare you compare Kwon Jiyong with people like Bangtan?ㅋㅋ I don't have any intention of sucking up to your Bangtan you empty headed fools~

 - +286: @Formtec I was passing by but I'll leave a word. Bangtan has a lot of fans but their crazy influence on society only looks big because of media play, they don't actually have an influence. The things that the user Formtec-nim mentioned are just things that are achieved through a big fandom. Ever since G-Dragon debuted up until now, he's gotten more positive comments than negative comments

 - +272: It's true that Bangtan are at the top in the current generation; but the fact that GD is the front-leader of trends in various fields and that he's the first celebrity as having the "top influence" title make his name value belong to a complete different level. How can he even do a collab between his personal brand and Nike? It's ridiculous

 - + 34: @Formtec then should we pick one Bangtan member VS GD?

+ 531: Just try to keep comparing Bangtan and GD as idols. GD is an artist who has already gotten rid of the idol-tag. It's true that Bangtan are world class but GD is world class by himself
 - + 38: At the very least, they are comparing a group vs 1 person so how can they be compared?ㅋㅋ

 - +44: The only male idol that male middle schoolers and high schoolers approve of... Bigbang

 - +21: Aren't Bangtan fans almost all women?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even guys who have no interest in idols find GD f*cking coolㅋㅋ
 - +22: If you do a 1 v 1 with Bangtan, they will be in the Daesung line

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1. [+472, -26]
They are talking like GD invented K-pop. Also, just hype up Bigbang, why showing such inferiority complex towards Bangtan? The comments are even cosplaying as fans, it's a mess

2. [+367, -32]
That's why their karma will hit them like a boomerang. They are acting like this because they haven't gotten hit yet. The bast*rds hating on Bangtan can't stand them doing well so they will get hit with a bigger boomerang

3. [+273, -22]
They are hating on Bangtan so hard while claiming that they are not even fans (of Bigbang), sigh

4. [+203, -7]
Bangtan is a group that will and never surpass Bigbang. Aside from one member, they all went on a prosecution tour so how can you win against this?.. You just can't. You shouldn't even think about winning

5. [+151, -9]
But why are their fans going after Bangtan? Because they can't enter Billboard?ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+147, -1]
They had such a big pride in their foreign influence but since Bangtan took that from then, they are acting like thisㅋㅋㅋ

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