source: https://ew.com/tv/tv-reviews/pachinko-review-apple-tv-plus/

Excerpt: Watching Pachinko, the Apple TV+ adaptation of Min Jin Lee's bestselling historical novel, I kept thinking about that old Saturday Night Live sketch spoofing overly effusive reviews of The Sopranos. ("The Sopranos will one day replace oxygen as the thing we breathe in order to stay alive," raved the Chicago Tribune.) Apologies in advance if this review veers rhapsodical, but Pachinko — a sprawling, stunning drama chronicling four generations of an immigrant Korean family — is truly "it's time to start tossing around words like 'masterpiece'" TV.

They gave it an Aoriginal post: here

1. I'm so looking forward to it ㅠㅠ

2. Let's hit daebak in US, Asia and Europe. 
Even if it hits daebak in Japan, they'll cry saying the views are faked. 
What do they want?ㅋㅋ

3. I really hope that Japan watches this to a certain extent

4. I hope that this hits daebak and gives a bit of comfort to the Japanese Korean gyopos 

5. I'm shocked that the review was this good. They didn't give a good score to Squid Game, so my expectations were low. This makes me look forward even more 

6. Only a few days left!!!

7. Yah who even dare say they have low expectations on this? I'm so looking forward!!

8. I know I should be lowering my expectations but this review just heightened them 

9. I really hope this hits daebak so that many people know what Japan didㅜ

10. Is this even allowed to be broadcasted in Japan? It needs to hit daebak in Japan 

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