No matter how they stood, she was always at the far right

And this was the reaction on Pann
"- Aside from Sullyoon, they all look like commoners
- I'm not saying that the rest are ugly but Sullyoon really looks like the center
- I feel like Jinni and Kyujin stand in the center a lot? I feel like the center should be someone with a strong center-aura like Twice Nayeon or ITZY Ryujin, or a visual member like Tzuyu or Yuna"

They weren't good ㅜ

Looks like JYP did their best with the feedback, Ever since yesterday, the formation changed

Sullyoon was the center yesterday at Music Core and today on Inkigayo
Both of the times, Kyujin and Jinni were standing next to her so I think that they'll go with this formation now
As expected, you need a visual in the center to have that flower garden effect.

But people were also asking JYP to put Yuna as the center all this time
but it only took a few days for JYP to fix NMIXX...?

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1. [+180, -7]
Having a freaking pretty kid stand at the center definitely saves the group. As expected, the visual fits the center the best. Jinni looks the best right next to Sullyoon too

2. [+93, -2]
But they always changed position when standing

3. [+76, -2]
But they always changed their standing position though? They never had a fixed formation

4. [+53, 0]
Since Sullyoon is in the middle, it actually saved their visuals

5. [+51, -14]
Sigh... ITZY should also have the visual as the center... It's not like Yuna was talentless or anything

6. [+40, -2]
ITZY are all pretty in their unique ways so I think that they look fine whether their center is Yeji, Ryujin or Yuna. But for their case, aside from Sullyoon and the girl with the short hair, they all give off mid-agency vibes. Sullyoon definitely should be the center

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