"OP: I want to see the NewJeans without Min Heejin to determine if Min Heejin is really irreplaceable. As someone working here, I'm really curious.

> Oh hyung, I like the spiritㅇㅇ I also am curious to see what will happen to NewJeans without Min Heejin

> If you look at the girl groups who have come out now, can't you see the answer? Le Sserafim skill controversy, plagiarism controversy... Is that producing? Can they even develop further from there...?
If it's possible, why doesn't it apply to existing groups...????
I'm really saying this because I'm curious..

> Regardless of the company's position, the girl groups you mentioned do need to practice.
And we need to improve scheduling and systems so that they have the energy and stamina to practice.
HYBE's mains are technically not girl groups.
So basically, I think this is a testing period.
That's why I want to see New without Min even more"

original post: here

1. Idiots...

2. Their wordings make them sound like losers;;;

3. Is that last persona a game character? Why is his wording so cringe?

4. It's because HYBE's main is Bangtanㅇㅇ However, this just enrages female idols' fans

5. They are looking at their own company idols and calling them "test".... That company's mindset is so trash

6. Ah seriously, you can really tell that they are a game company

7. HYBE employees sure are something else...

8. You guys... you guys are the ones who have no skills to produce good girl groupsㅠㅠ

9. But there is a New without Min, and that's ILLIT... let's just see what happens to them when they start promoting their second album

10. They are really calling people "test", f*ck

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