Yoo Kihyun's solo song's results look good

March 15th 24H chart
Melon top100 - 31st
Melon new chart - 3rd
Melon real time chart - 18th 
Genie - 26th 
Bugs 4th 

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1. [+43, -0]
For real, he even sold 90K copies in a day, it makes no sense... If you look at male idols solo digital and physical sales, you realize he's doing well 

2. [+33, -1]
Honestly I wasn't expecting this either 

3. [+28, -0]
Love Killer + Gambler + Rush Hour, the combo of those 3 really gave them a boost... There are more late fans in the fandom so everyone is feeling like it's finally payback timeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But over everything else, the song is good 

4. [+26, -0]
If you look at OUT NOW - Shimya Idol from yesterday, you'd realize how skinny he got... He's KPOP 'god' Yoo Kihyun (t/n: wordplay on rookie - shinin and god- shin-in)

5. [+17, -1]
No but how can you have a face and 3 songs that are such good quality? I'm going crazy

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