[teens stories] HUL I HAVE XO LEGS..

F*ck, I don't have X-shape nor O-shape legs so I was wondering where I fit but I must be XO-shape. My hips and thigh line looks kinda wide but my calves kinda spread out and I f*cking hate the way it connects to my knee. Is there a way to fix it? If I fix it, is the change permanent?

(From left to right: normal ; O-shape ; X-shape ; XO-shape ; O-shape below the knee)
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1. [+46, -1]
XO-shape is freaking common so it doesn't even look weird

2. [+41, 0]
Hul I'm also XO

3. [+25, -3]
But if you have hips, it's impossible for your thighs to touch no..?

4. [+12,0]
XO is freaking common. Unless your legs under your knee spread out severely, it doesn't stand out nor does it look weird at all. Rather, there are a lot of kids who look pretty with it. Don't feel disheartened and just be content

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Is there even anyone with normal legs?..

6. [+6, 0]
Ah I'm X-shape. Those are the legs than men hate. Of course, even as a girl, I think that my legs are f*cked up

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