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Do you know what's the most stressful thing? It's that I don't think much about it but the people around me all look at me in a pitiful way. There's a friend of mine who is like Shim Jayoon and who takes care of me very well but she teases me everyday. Sometimes, when she teases me, I don't know how to reactㅋㅋ because I'm taken aback. But still, we get along just fine and we're close. But for 3rd parties, they say things like "you're so pitiful, it seems like she's teasing you too much, it's like she's bullying you" and it just makes me mad. Because 90% of the people on Pann just want to hate on her, I feel like this post will get buried too. But you guys are saying that Yoon's actions are crossing the line and that J is pitiful so you keep hating on Yoon which is not it.... When the videos were first uploaded on YouTube, people just found J cute for looking mad and that was all. But ever since that Twitter account started it, fans from other fandoms also started to interfere. I don't think that they will tease her anymore but it's pathetic to see you guys so happy for finding a new thing to bash them with.

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Because of Pann-girls, J will rather be more embarrassed to face Yoon. Cut it down a bit

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To be honest, is there anyone who would be able to kiss on the cheek of a kid that they are awkward with and that they hate?ㅠㅠ... In their self-made content, there were so many scenes where Jayoon would take care of Yeeun. So seeing people taking videos where she's mimicking her voice to hate on her is so sad

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That's what I said. These two would've taken care of it and resolve it between them. 3rd parties are just speculating

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If J wears something short on V-live, Jayoon would cover her in a hurry, she always says that J is cute and when they do part changes and that Jayoon is in charge of J's part, she would call herself a successful fan and jump around... When I look at Pann's comments, I don't pity J. Instead, I'm so scared at the fact that these kids are trying to k*ll off yet another female idol

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J said that she finds Yoon fun and that it would be boring without her. She also said that she gets along with Yoon the most. She's been saying that a couple of times. Those people just want to see what they want to see

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