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1. It sounds like a b-side track but Seulgi is so prettyㅠㅠ

2. Why do they keep releasing songs that sound like b-side tracks? Even the b-side tracks quality have decrease. After Psycho, both songs' quality are shockingly bad. 
I don't really like the Velvet songs but it makes me wish that they released something that was more Velvet-worthy

3. I like it... It's not as good as Psycho but it's still good 

4. Why does if feel like they keep pressing the piano pedal and the notes keep overlapping with each other?

5. The more you listen to the song, the better it gets

6. I love it when RV all sing together 

7. The MV is pretty but the song falls flat 

8. To me, the MV was rather weird but the song was good... 

9. The MV is pretty and the song's chorus is good but it doesn't stick to my ears

10. The first half was freaking so so but the more the song went, the better it got 

11. The b-side tracks were too good. Especially the song that gave the city pop vibe and the last track 

12. They kept singing in falsetto so it didn't give any impact...? It's a shame 

13. The song is freaking good 

14. The concept and their faces are crazy 

15. The song is a shame although it's a good song 

16. I thought we'd have a melancholic song like Psycho because of the concept but this is totally a bright song. It's good, but I really hoped we went for a more dark song ㅠㅠ

17. Ah I was feeling the build up right before the chorus and when the chorus hit, it was a total let downㅋㅋㅋ What a shame... I feel like they could've made a way better songㅠㅠ

18. I listened to the song by watching the MV and then digitally, it's way better when you listen digitally 

19. I was expected a second Psycho but it sounds like a b-side song

20. It looks like they lost their touch after Queendom 


It wasn't what I expected, but it was good!! It was my style

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1. [+132, -61]
There's nothing memorable 

2. [+128, -14]
I personally love it the most after Psycho... It's something fairy-tale-ish that only RV can pull off

3. [+111, -29]
The chorus was way too boring, it's a shame 

4. [+80, -1]
The melody felt grandiose and the arrangement was solid, but it felt like a b-side track. There's nothing strong sounding like a title song....

5. [+67, -8]
Am I the only one who liked it? I'm taken aback by the comments, it seems like nobody liked it 

6. [+66, -38]
Compared to the excitement Joy had over the song, it fell flat ...

7. [+53, -5]
People were saying it would top Psycho so my expectations were so high, but this song can't even reach Psycho's ankle 

8. [+47, -9]
Nobody feels threatened by your complaints

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