No matter how much you eat, you'll stay your ideal weight VS no matter how little care you put in your skin, it'll stay looking like celebrities' skin 

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1. 222222 Skin is different! I can always work out to have the body I wantㅋㅋ

2. 2 If I work out, I can lose weight, but skin issues can only be resolved with dermatologist and still I will never achieve a honey skin 

3. This issue keeps appearing and I've always chosen 111111
If I had a body that doesn't get fat no matter what I do, I won't have any other wishes in life

4. There's no debate. 1

5. 2, even with money, my pores are completely ruined already and there's no turning point anymore

6. 2222 There's nothing I can do with my skin..

7. 22 I don't really gain weight and I don't need to spend money on losing weight, I can reach the weight I want myself 

8. 2 Please my skinㅠㅠ It used to be so good and now it's totally ruined because of stress

9. With the skin that I have, I'm picking #1, it's so hard for me to diet... And I want to eat what I want

10. My skin is good but I'm a total pig... I want 1ㅠㅠ My skin is good but I'll prettier paler

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